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Undisputed Reviews

Blind Spot Mirrors for Cars

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Blind Spot Mirrors for Cars

You guys and welcome to another exciting round opulent undisputed reviews. We’ve got some driving safety for you today, and we’re going to be talking at some of the best blindspot mirrors cars you can get on the market today.

Now if you’re not short blindspot mirrors are there typically convex circular or little spherical mirrors that you can either click on or stick on to your existing side mirrors. Now that doesn’t sound particular exciting, but remember that the voncez nature of these mirrors mean they give you a much wider perspective to the side and around you, as the name suggests they cover your blindspot, meaning you can see cars and vehicles passing where normally you may have to turn your head.

Now is an important safety announcement which don’t recommend that you manoeuvre or cross lanes without checking your blind spot yourself, however these mirrors can give you an added boost when checking a blindspot and help you track the progress of passing vehicles.

So now we finished that little introduction we are going to jump straight into product reviews.

We’re Starting off with the cheapest blindspot mirrors to help you get up and running for as little money as possible, then we can cover offered the best quality blindspot mirrors and finally finish off with the biggest mirrors which give you an added perspective for larger vehicles.

Cheapest Blind Spot Mirrors

Custom Accessories 2-inch Mirrors

Cheapest Blind Spot Mirrors

This is a custom accessories TwinPak of 2 inch blindspot mirrors of the perfect excuse to get the coverage of your blindspot without really spending much money at all.

Whilst on the small side these 2 inch mirrors can be used on cars as well as RVs and fans, They provider wide-angle view and are 360° adjustable meaning there will be perfect for every type of vehicle.

Now they are in a cheaper side so they only come with pressure tape installation meaning they don’t firmly attach to any side mirror you may have already. Whilst this tape is rated to firmly attach these blindspots mirrors, we would strongly suggest that you look at slightly more expensive model with a fixed attachment if you’re going to be using these mirrors for a long time to come.

To surface quality of these mirrors is pretty high for The price, and whilst it is not class it is a high-quality plastic which shows convex review in a very sharp and crisp manner.

Overall these are a great set of blindspot mirrors for getting started, and will be sufficient for 99% of drivers out there!

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Best Quality Blind Spot Mirrors

Hercules Wide Angle Mirror

Best Quality Blind Spot Mirrors

Now let’s move on to what we consider as one of the highest quality blindspot mirrors.

This wide-angle side view mirror from Hercules is in very large reliable and clear mirror for all types of vehicle (well, at least those with four wheels!).

Whilst the stick on blindspot mirrors are very effective to help you understand the passing of any vehicles in your blindspot, this add-on mirror sits on top of your existing side view mirrors and all but eliminates the blindspot on the drivers side of the car. If you do a lot of driving something like this will make your drives is a lot safer, because it really does provide significant extra viewpoint.

The great thing about having this as an additional mirror is that you don’t lose any of this space from your existing site mirrors and have a very specific place where you can look to check your blindspot without being distracted by other vehicles behind you.

The Best CLIP ON blind spot mirror!

It’s easy to attach and screw onto the top of your Side view mirror housing, and will obviously be a lot more reliable I’m firmly attached compared to the stick on model we talked about the above.

Generally people are quite torn between whether clip on mirrors are better than stick on blindspot mirrors. We strongly believe that this physical clip on on approach gives a safer driving experience, when compared to the STICK on type, but we do understand that not everyone wants to attach them physically to their car

Now as you have to physically attach this to the chassis of your car, we do strongly recommended you check the compatibility with your car manufacturer first, because whilst they’re not the most expensive purchase it would be very frustrating to find out its not compatible with your model!

All in this has to be one of the best blindspot mirrors on the market today we’ve seen very positive reviews and great feedback about the product itself and many people attach them on to new cars from that all cars because they last so long!

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Biggest Blind Spot Mirror

CIPA 6-inch Blind Spot mirror

Biggest Blind Spot Mirror

Now to finish up the review summaries were talking about one of the biggest convex blindspot mirrors.

Not everyone is going to want such a big mirror, however for those with less than perfect eyesight (obviously still road legal!) These larger mirrors make driving a lot more comfortable and of course safer as a result.

This convex 6 inch housed in stainless steel, so it looks a lot more shiny and attractive in some of the models of box which are made of black plastic housing.

Now there’s not too much to say about this product will be more attractive to those who do have less than perfect vision creates a very glance of the state of the situation around you!

It is worth noting that the installation of these mirrors the little bit more complicated due to their size and you will have to get an additional mounting brackets if you do not have one on your vehicle already. As such these mirrors are typically used by bigger trucks, but don’t let that put you off if you want one for your car or RV!

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So there we have three product reviews that should cover most needs if you’re looking for a blindspot mirror for your car. We have the entry level stick on approach which are very cost-effective and will give you good coverage of your blind spot for very little investment,

Then we have the clip on the attachment style model. Whilst these give you a much better vantage point of the blindspot around you, and are attached in a much more reliable fashion, we know they’re not for everyone as you may not want to physically install it on the chassis of your car.

Altogether we can’t stress home much driving safety can be increased with a blindspot mirror, so even if you look to improve your driving experience and your long journeys with Just a stick on convex mirror, you’ll be in a much better place than you are today!

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