Undisputed Reviews

Undisputed Reviews

The Best Blind Spot Mirrors? CIPA mirrors reviewed.

The Best Blind Spot Mirrors?  CIPA mirrors reviewed.

Once you start driving - or even the first time you drive - with a set of blind spot convex mirrors fitted, you will be kicking yourself and wondering quite why you have not been driving with them since you first passed your test all those years ago.

You see, they may look a bit geeky when they are stuck on the side of a wing mirror on a car towing a slow caravan across the country, but these CIPA blind spot mirrors (pictured up on the left) are surprisingly easy to fit and subtle, so much so that people driving past would not even realise you had them mounted.

This is probably the single most inexpensive way in which to increase your safety on the road. Of course, it does not really help you with the more idiotic drivers on the road - but not much will (apart from getting the train). However, if you have to drive a long distances on a regular basis, you will be familiar with the drain of fatigue on your body. By fitting a set of these mirrors to either side of your car or truck, you are doubling if not tripling your chances of spotting that car hidden away in your blind spot.

So don’t delay, everyone can benefit from a set of blind spot mirrors, and there would be less accidents on the road each and every year.

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