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Undisputed Reviews

The Roku XD Streaming Player

The Roku XD Streaming Player

The Roku XD Streaming player is a remarkably capable, lightweight and - by any stretch of the imagination - affordable streaming media player that easily just drops into your life.

There are far more complicated streaming boxes on the market, but the Roku XD captures a little piece of the digital video player thanks to its simplicity and reliability.

Connecting up the Roku

The Roku XD digital video player is pretty simple to get up and running. It needs an electrical outlet (obvious enough) and can hook up to your home network either via ethernet or a Wireless N connection, meaning you should not have any issues streaming HD 1080p video to your TV from wherever it may be.

There is a very simple - and perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing - remote control which allows you to navigate their straight forward menu system, select the media you want to view or hear, and control said media all from the comfort of your sofa.

Steaming video from the Roku

If you are not too well versed in Roku the company, you may be surprised that they have quite the pedigree and heritage in the world of streaming video, as they used to work closely with Netflix to provide them with their streaming content systems.

At the time of writing you can hook this thing into Netflix, Amazon’s video on demand service and the indomitable Hulu service - of course there are plenty of others available, but rest assured you won’t be streaming iTunes content to this thing any time soon, thanks to Apple’s iron grip on the platform

Get the Roku XD 1080p for Christmas

If you are looking to pick up the Roku XD 1080p in time for Christmas, I would suggest acting fast! You can take a look over at Amazon who are currently offering it for a very good price (their T&C’s state I cannot give you the actual price, as it may change) and more importantly FREE SHIPPING which really takes the edge of the buying process ahead of Christmas.

Buy Now from Amazon

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